Our Van Build (this section under construction)

Where we started

The Quashquai started as a plumbing van. We had to strip it down and prep for the build.

System Design and Layout

What were the main design considerations we had to plan ahead for? You need to figure this out first!

Stereo and Vehicle Electronic Upgrades

Get your vehicle upgrades done before you start the build.


Where does everything go? Wire properly to avoid future problems

Floor, Framing, and Insulation

You don't want to be cold! (when you live in Colorado)


Finally, it looks like you have actually done something!

Solar and Battery Bank

Details about our solar and #battlebornbatteries lithium ion setup


You gotta have a heater, seriously. Our snugger setup.

Gear Garage

What kind of toys are you slinging?

Mercedes Sprinter Issues

Sprinters aren't infallible. Here's our list of gripes.

Vehicle Maintenance

Change your oil more often than 10,000 miles!!


Not everything can be categorized. So here is a category for that.